Cooking, sharing, eating, that’s us !

We often say that friendships that start at school last forever. Our friendship did not exactly start at school, but nearly ! We met in front of the school where we were both picking up our little boys. Very quickly we discovered that we shared a lot of common interests such as our love for travels, sharing, cooking… and eating.

Succulent Paris is the story of our long friendship.

After years devoted to our families, a mutual desire to share our passion for cooking and our attachment to the Parisian way of living led us to this Succulent adventure!

Since 2008, we have baked about 5000 madeleines, have stridden through the myriad of Parisian markets, have investigated to find the best pastries, have tasted all the French incredible cheeses and, most importantly, have met wonderful people!

Why Succulent Paris ?

We are two French culture’s enthusiasts who believe in the balance between tradition and innovation in the kitchen. We aim to share this belief with curious visitors, all this through the history and food culture of our amazing city, Paris.

As world explorers, we believe that visiting a country is more than what museums and the guides can offer. There is much more to discover in a Parisian apartment than in the Louvre. There is much more to unravel in a French kitchen than in La Tour D’Argent.

Traveling is about exchanging, discovering people, hearing local stories and funny anecdotes but also uncovering hidden places. We offer you to explore all this via our personalised food tours, cooking classes or even food tastings. Throughout all these activities, we work alongside the finest and loveliest local «artisans».

Let us drag you out of your guidebooks and into uncharted, typically Parisian locations.

Aurélie & Marion

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