Chocolate class


Private chocolate class

We offer two exclusive chocolate classes  into the workshops of talented chocolatiers in Paris to discover the secrets of chocolate
Paris offers the best and the most famous chocolatiers. But very few Parisian chocolatiers open their workshop to chocolate amateurs.

Class 1: Make your own chocolte treats
  • This private chocolate class is ideal for beginners and any chocolate lovers wanting a hands-on experience of chocolate making.
  • First, learn about cocoa and chocolate: from the cocoa pod to chocolate candies.
  • Discover the process to make a ganache or a praliné chocolate candy.
  • Above all, become a chocolatier and make your own chocolate treats from scratch.
 Class 2: From bean to bar
  • Marc is one of the very few Parisian chocolatiers who transforms cocoa bean into chocolate.
  • He focuses on single origin bars and selects very thoroughly the origin of the beans he uses.
  • This chocolate class is for those who want to understand and experience the process of making chocolate from scratch.
  • So after learning about cocoa, help the chocolatier selecting and roasting the beans. Then turn cocoa beans into nibs .
  • At last, make you own chocolate bar like a chocolate maker.

If you want to deepen this chocolate experience, you can combine with a chocolate and pastry tour.
Rates on request


Chocolate class 1:30 hours - Bean to bar class : 2 hours


Chocolate class : 2 to 8 (no kids under 8) - Bean to bar class : 2 to 4 (no kids under 12)


Chocolate class : Tuesday to Friday - Bean to bar class : Thursday to Saturday (morning) except Christmas and Easter time

Rates on request