Croissant class


how long

4 hours

how many

3 to 6 participants (no children under 10/12)


Monday or Tuesday


Private Croissant class in Paris

After working for years in the TV industry, Johanna has decided to change her life and become a pastry chef.
In her brand new workshop of the 9th arrondissement, she will welcome you and share her passion for pastry.

  • An exclusive private class to discover the secrets of a delicious and flaky croissant.
  • Learn to bake a traditional French croissant : knead the leaven dough, fold in the butter, shape the croissant.
  • While the non baked croissants are proofing, you will cook to different creams to fill them.
  • At last, you will enjoy tasting  you own croissants with a beverage.

Rates on request